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Cylinder Head Services

  004-HMS-SHIP SHIPPING Fee - Pair of Heads
  004-HMS-1 Install Valve Seat (each)
  004-HMS-2 Install Valve Guides (per head)
  004-HMS-3 Cut Cylinder Head for Dual Springs (per head)
  004-HMS-4 3 Angle Valve Job (per head)
  004-HMS-5 Bead Blast Cylinder Head (per head)
  004-HMS-6 Fluff Port and Polish (pair of heads)
  004-HMS-7 Full Port and Polish (pair of heads)
  004-HMS-8 Open Combustion Chambers (pair of heads)
  004-HMS-9 Weld and Tap Spark Plug Hole (per hole)
  004-HMS-10 Surface Cylinder Head (per head)

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