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About the Type 4 Engine

In the context of this web site catalog, Type 4 refers to an engine type which was original equipment in Volkswagen 411 and 412 model cars, 1972 and later VW Buses, 914 Porsches and the 1976 Porsche 912.

Although the Type 4 engine is similar in appearance and design to the Type 1 Beetle and Type 3 engines, virtually none of the parts are interchangeable.

In fact, Type 4 engine components are much stronger than those of Type 1 engines, making the Type 4 the perfect power plant for high torque and big horsepower applications. The type 4 engine case is cast from #319 aluminum alloy and heat treated to improve the machinability and strength. The alloy is much stronger than the magnesium used in the casting of the Type 1 style cases. The Type 4 case is also designed to withstand many more times the stress of the standard Type 1; however, the extra strength is gained at the cost of increased weight. The typically stripped Type 4 engine case weighs approximately 44 pounds, about 20 pounds heavier than a Type 1.

Type 4 cases usually don't require aline bore machining except where there has been extreme abuse or the case bolts have loosened or broken. Bus and Vanagon 2.0 liter cases usually show the most signs of wear and should be carefully examined.

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